The Science of Planet Four

Every winter Mars’ polar region is blanketed by a layer of frozen carbon dioxide, (dry ice) approximately 0.5 – 1 meter deep. In the springtime, this seasonal polar cap sublimates (changes directly from ice to gas). A host of unearthly phenomena are associated with this dynamic process, including the creation of ‘fans’ which appear briefly on the surface and help us understand the weather on the red planet. These fans are markers for the wind direction and speed at the time that carbon dioxide gas was escaping from beneath the surface. You can read more on the main site.

About this Blog

Planet Four is a citizen science project from the Zooniverse. We’re asking for help in marking ‘fans’ on the surface of Mars. All of the Zooniverse projects have blogs and you’re currently reading the blog for the Planet Four project. Visit www.planetfour.org to find the site itself.

3 responses to “About”

  1. Eloise says :

    Love Stargazing And planet 4

  2. Rhian says :

    Aaa argh! Site continuously crashes mid image view!!! Do you have dodgy servers?

    • Meg says :

      Thanks for trying to get on the site. 15,000 people trying to get on at once. Any server takes a beating during that, but we’re working on improving the response when that large volume is on. The site is running and we hope you’ll come back in the next few days.

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