Welcome to Planet Four

…well not literally. You’re still on Earth – don’t worry.

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28 responses to “Welcome to Planet Four”

  1. Nairn Albert says :

    I would like to participate, but the problems discussed below made it too frustrating.

    It would be REALLY helpful if you provided a scale. I can’t tell if the feature I am looking at is 10 meters or 100 miles in length/diameter.

    Also, without any reference to sunlight direction, it is difficult to tell hills from depressions (e.g., reverse topography).

    Sort that out and I’m in.

    • Meg says :

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll definitely take into account everyone’s comments and suggestions and try to incorporate them into the classification interface.

      • susan dixon says :

        I gave up with the site being crashed earlier on. Ity nmow does not accept my log in . I have tried to re-register with diff log in details but it keeps saying already loged in or incorrect password or lo in and then does not even recognise my email address. I so want to participate. how can I ????????

  2. katie says :

    I’m having problems logging on..and it won’t let me do anything else….

  3. fatty says :

    ‘Interesting feature’ star could be scale upable or downable – I spotted a ?buried impact crater but could only indicate its centre with the star and hope you knew what I meant. Also a linear way of marking interesting things would be good – seen several linear and curvilinear features that I would have marked differently – a star doesn’t make clear what I am highlighting. Comments section would be good to make rough/brief notes about ‘interesting’ things seen.

    Also the ‘fan’ feature doesn’t always work/isn’t manipulateable …

    I know this is a baptism by fire tonight, so good luck!

  4. Bob Thomas says :

    I’d love to get involved but after creating an account, the Username & Password I chose just returns an “Invalid Username or Password” error!

    I’ve sent an email about it but since I’m not sure they will be accepted from an apparently ‘Unregistered User’ I’m making a comment about the problem here too.

    Bob Thomas.

  5. Loopers says :

    I find the site interesting and informative but one annoying thing is that I keep getting kicked out and have to log back in, this happens if I have a picture that requires a lot if blotches or fans ( generally more that 5 or 6!) can this be fixed as its very frustrating having to keep logging in as once ur kicked out u can’t carry on where you left off.

  6. Anteeta says :

    I’d love to take part but last night the site seemed to freeze with register then login details. Today, I can’t get to the main site as the (safari) browser says does not recognise. Very frustrating

  7. C Hall says :

    I would love to participate with the Mars mapping, I registered last night but the site seemed to crash. I understand that this was due to the volume of people registering. I tried again tonight but cannot get signed in. Is there anything I can do?

  8. etothipi says :

    I found very interesting, almost perfectly parallel grooves (ridges?) in Image APF0000942, but I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on that picture’s site.

  9. Lizzi says :

    Hi when looking saw an interesting feature not mentioned it looked like a volcano/mountain with very flat terrain around it I was about to mark it when my screen froze I don’t know what scale this was so I can’t be sure be sure of size etc has anyone else seen this as I haven’t seen anything else close to what this resembled when looking at rest of photos

  10. mydogoz says :

    I have taken part any many of the previous projects but I find the input tools for marking objects too frustrating to use on my laptop, perhaps it works better with a desktop and mouse but surely this is putting off a lot of potential contributors?

  11. Alan Fowler says :

    Suggestion(s) for the surface structure queried by the Starzazing team during the last Back to Earth episode on Thrusday 10th January – given the scale of the area shown ~2 rugby pitches (to one side) – a false colour of orange was used in the ‘photo shown
    The dust covered surface has been penetrated by meteorite bombardment, giving rise to dark ‘slot-like’ rents in the Martian surface. The temperatures created by the bombardment has produced glassy deposits that appear to reflect light. Many of these glassy deposits are shown centred (roughly) between the dark rents in the powdery surface, giving the appearance of “sequin-like” reflection to the convex surfaces between the rents / slots. Subsequent (wind-driven) movement of the particulate / powdery surface causes the particles near the ‘rents’ to fall into the holes / rents in the Martian surface, giving rise to the ‘convex’ surface pattern between the darker ‘holes.’

    • Alan says :

      Update on image APF0000oh5: re-visted this image and at higher magnification one can see parallel waves emanating from the 11o’clock direction and covering the whole field of view.

  12. Dean Marshall says :

    The bright (blue) parts of the image looks like an actual plume eruption and the dark part looks like its shadow.

  13. Rob Lindley says :

    I agree with the comments that the addition of scale and sun direction would help in photo interpretation just as it does on Earth images. I also agree that you have made it difficult to add comments and when I have managed it I get logged out which is frustrating.

  14. Ömür Özbahçeliler says :


    I’m really happy to be a part of such organisation. I have a question about marking the images.

    When there are lots of little things covering all the image, or when whole image needs to be marked how do we do it?

    Thank you.

    • Meg says :

      Do the best you can on those images. We would like you to mark all of them if possible in the images.

  15. trevor bond says :

    frustrating crap can’t get logged in tried many times had enough now!!!!! GOODBYE.

    • Meg says :

      Hi Trevor,
      Apologies for that. If you give us your username our technical team will be able to help. I hope you’ll give us another try.

  16. Hugh Morshead says :

    What is the scale on each image?

  17. Jim Leckie says :

    Help please!

    I have signed up, I am using Google Chrome but I don’t get any picture to classify.

    The tutorial worked fine then – nothing.

    How do I access a picture?


    • Alan says :

      Hi Jim. Are you using Google Chome on an Apple Mac? Try using Safari. Alan

      • Jim says :

        Hi Alan – I am using Google Chrome on a PC. However, by chance I found that by hitting the refresh button on the browser it brings up a picture. So I have now managed a few.



  18. AUricle says :

    That over 2,000,000 images were tagged in just 5 days is absolutely amazing. I’ve given up for today, just because I was experiencing so many problems. My sympathy to the science team, who not only have their’normal’ work to do, but now have to put up with all the extra work created by the influx of site users, the attendant problems that come along with it, and the relenltess bitching we’re doing now!…….we all just want to help, though, so it’s frustrating on this end too.

    Good luck Michael,Meg,et al,…..we’re pulling for you!

  19. william says :

    hi guys what i want to know is why dident mars have magnetic field?



  20. Joseph Creel says :

    I’m trying to register to the Zooniverse website but it won’t let me. Everything is good, password match, and email & username all say ‘looks good’, But when i click register it says: ‘TypeError: Cannot read property ‘slice’ of undefined’. Can anyone help me?

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