Planet Four at the Planetary Science Subcommittee Meeting

The Planetary Science Subcommittee NASA Advisory Council met at NASA Headquarters  earlier this month and was  given a status update on all of the research areas in planetary science related to NASA missions. The meeting and the role of the subcommittee is to gather input and report information from the scientific community and public relevant to current and future NASA missions and programs.

At the meeting Lisa May, Lead Program Executive for the Mars Exploration Program, presented on the status of the current and future Mars missions. In her presentation she talked about Planet Four and the work that you’ve all been doing marking the fans and blotches in the HiRES images or as she put it “tens of thousands citizens of planet Earth classify images of spring on Mars”  Below is the slide from her talk.


Image credit: NASA Mars Exploration Program – Lisa May,  Michael Meyer,Jim Green, Director

You can read through the entire Mars Exploration Program presentation here.

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