Save the Date: Planet Four Live Chat

June marks Planet Four’s 6th month anniversary, and to celebrate we’re having a live chat with the Planet Four science team on June 7th (next week!) at 7pm BST/6pm GMT/2pm EDT/11am PDT .Join us here on the blog to watch the live video feed.

We’ll be joined by Planet Four PI Candy Hansen (PSI) and science team members  K.-Michael Aye (UCLA), Ganna (Anya) Portyankina (University of Bern) and Meg Schwamb (Yale). We’ll be talking about the latest Planet Four news and science as well as answering some of your questions. Send us your questions for the Planet Four team, either by leaving a comment here on the blog or by tweeting us @Planet_Four

Update: You can watch the live stream and the recorded video of the chat here.

6 responses to “Save the Date: Planet Four Live Chat”

  1. Bob Ware says :

    Thank you Ganna (Anya) Portyankina for having mentioned this on, in your blog, on The Planetary Society’s website. Had you not mentioned it there it may have been quite a while longer before I would have heard of Planetfour, if ever! Do you all any hits on the crashed NASA South Polar Lander? Just curious. That is not why I’m helping the best that I can. I love space exploration! Best wishes for success in the understanding of Martian meteorology!

  2. Andy says :

    Hi all, we opened a featured thread on the chat board for questions, not too many asks yet though

  3. Bob Ware says :

    Hi Science Team,

    I do have a question on some features I have been marking with the STAR.
    Unfortunately i do not have the image numbers for you to reference.

    I have seen many vents that are old/cleaned out, others are new/dirty with ejecta paths. A few of these paths are inside blotch zones and a starting point for some fans.

    1) What is the ejected material? Is it soil or soil and gas/ice bonded together?

    2) Are these ejecta sizes consistent with wind speed only or is it soil
    composition combined with wind speed?

    3) Is there a longitudinal and or latitudinal relationship to the wind speeds?

    4) Over four seasonal passes have you all seen any specific patterns to wind
    structure or a wind season start? If so, is it by seasonal change?

    On another matter I bordered one image with STARS outlining what appears to be two underground pathways that merged at the bottom of the image. Not knowing the scale of the image I don’t know if that is several kilometers or a few meters in length. Any idea? Another image had multiple terrain changes in the frame. To find the images, if you can, look under TPS1BCW. I’m sorry but I don’t have any dates or image numbers for you to reference.

    Many of the images are intriguing! Is there a map where we can see where these images are taken of? There seems to be similar geological terrain in one area such as the vents I have seen? Some of the terrain in the images leads me to think so? If so, do you all put these swaths back in one strip to count the markings or do you use another method?

  4. Bob Ware says :

    Are you all going to overlap images by coordinates for the seasons to see if there is a change in wind direction or intensity (blotch/fan events as a basis) by season and region?

  5. Bob Ware says :

    Comment: Mars definitely has one bizarre meteorlogical event which I have come to call Outgassing season, which based upon event characteristics within seasonal and regional specifics, would be equivalent to Hurricane or Tornado seasons here on our planet.
    Question: Does this, every twenty years or so, have any connection to the global dust storms which tend to occur at twenty year intervals? Are we simply clueless about the global dust storms to hazard a theory on these lines?

  6. Bob Ware says :

    Can we get a ? icon to mark items that cannot be verified as a fan or blotch? There are also odd items from time to time that you all may want to see or pass onto a geologist for identification. (my 1st entry on this did not get saved)

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