Our First Team Live Chat Today

Today we’ll be hosting a live chat with Planet Four science team starting at 7pm BST/6pm GMT/2pm EDT/11am PDT to mark the project’s 6 month anniversary. We’ll be joined by Planet Four PI  Candy Hansen (PSI) and science team members  K.-Michael Aye (UCLA), Ganna (Anya) Portyankina (University of Bern) and Meg Schwamb (Yale).

We’ll embed the video link here shortly before we start (if you don’t see it try refreshing your browser) and we’ll also tweet the link. You can send us your questions for the Planet Four team during the broadcast by tweeting us @Planet_Four.  If you can’t make it to the watch the chat live, the recorded video will also be available here afterwards.

And don’t forget if you have questions after the live chat you can always post them to our Ask a Team Scientist thread on Talk.

2 responses to “Our First Team Live Chat Today”

  1. Bob Ware says :

    Thank you for a great webcast! I learned from it some very interesting stuff and I watched it live… a rare chance for me to do that. Usually I’m on a replay. Thank you Anya for the answer and thank you Meg for having selected it. I thought we had a good idea of the particle sizes and the make up. Apparently we have a way to go for a better size parameter realm and composition base.

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