6 Months of Planet Four


To celebrate Planet Four turning 6 months old and thank you for all of your hard work, we’ve made this poster [21 MB download]  (and smaller resolution version 6.5 MB) containing the names* of the more than 72,000 volunteers who have contributed to Planet Four! We hope you enjoy it, and that you are able to find your name in amongst the many that make up this HiRISE  image of dark fans and spiders (You can find the original image here). Here’s to the next  6 months!

*Names are only shown for volunteers who gave permission for us to show their name on the Zooniverse account settings. To update your settings login to  https://www.zooniverse.org/account and update the ‘name’ field.

7 responses to “6 Months of Planet Four”

  1. darshan chandekar says :

    hi, thats so lovelyy… but atleast they would have been in alphabetical order… i couldnt find mine…:( hahahah

  2. Bob Ware says :

    Thank you! What a wonderful surprise! I accepted the challenge and I’ll look for my name again! (I’m pretty sure I gave permission to use it!)

  3. Bob Ware says :

    Side note: I just saw the NASA Release on Candy’s CO-2 slides. Ingenious creative thinking! Great work!

  4. Bob Ware says :

    I’m still scanning for my name by scanning myself, not a computer but occasionally my brain picks up on a name like yours (MS) and a former NASA Administrator. You all guess who or search for the name! LOL!!

  5. Simon Anthony says :

    My kids’ names are both on Mars – twice – literally. My wife and mine got smashed in to a comet, I’ll add – lost in a picture – to the list 🙂

    • Bob Ware says :

      Hi Simon — go to Planetary,org and add your name to another mission before the window closes. Mine is on Cassini, Mars, forgot how many and floating in pieces in space (MGCO 93) and the bottom of a few oceans (launch failures).

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