The Planet 4 Invasion – ZooCon 13 Talk

A few months ago, the Zooniverse hosted ZooCon 13  at the Zooniverse UK HQ in Oxford. I was invited to give a talk virtually about the status of Planet Four and the science behind it. Our own Talk moderator Andy Martin was in attendance and wrote a summary post about the day. My talk is online and you can find it below (the first 30-45 seconds is cut off but the rest of it is all there).

2 responses to “The Planet 4 Invasion – ZooCon 13 Talk”

  1. TPS1BCW says :

    Good talk Meg. I saw it on the first run and just now. It would be nice to send a RADAR Altimeter to range and an omni video camera set up to film those outgassings. Or maybe an orbiter in a low horizon geosynch orbit to continuously image in a movie mode until we have a good sample of the outgassings recorded. HMM? A future Discovery Class mission?! Thinking outside of the box is how you advance.

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