Dry ice snowfall

About a week ago our colleague and a resident polar scientist on the Mars Climate Sounder (MCS) science team Dr. Paul Hayne wrote this Planetary society blog post. He talks about CO2 snowing on Mars! If you are interested to know why we think that it snows dry ice on Mars or what shape CO2 snowflakes are, go check it out! And let us know your thoughts on how it affects the areas that you are helping us to analyze!


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One response to “Dry ice snowfall”

  1. Bob says :

    I read the article Anya mentioned ten days ago. It is an interesting article and the flake examples are very well imaged with really good magnification so you can vividly see the structural differences between the two flakes. Do yourself a big favor and read the article. If you’re a TPS member, like myself, leave a comment or ask a question. Most bloggers or others do respond back.

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