Boulders in Inca City

Thanks to your help, we’ve been able to complete the set of Season 1 Manhattan images with 30 independent reviews. We’re now moving on to Inca City Season 1 images.  You might notice bright light-colored small smooth circles and ovals in the images showing in the classification interface. Those  features are actually boulders. HiRISE can resolve down to the size of a small coffee table on Mars, so those boulders aren’t so tiny!

It has been suggested from previous analysis that  boulders may impact the prevalence of fans and blotches in Inca City. If you come across an image that has boulders, please discuss the image on Talk (hit the ‘Discuss’ button – it appears after you click the ‘Finish’ button once you’ve marked the fans and blotches  in the images) and add the hashtag #boulders. This will mark the image as possibly having boulders, and the science team can look at these later to see if we can try and find any possible correlation with fan and blotch activity and morphology.

Below are some examples of images with boulders for reference. Click any of the images for a larger view and slide show:

4 responses to “Boulders in Inca City”

  1. Art says :

    Too bad about the interface of this project though. It would be more comfortable if this had “Does this image has boulders?” question to avoid going into discussion every time.

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