One Mars Year of Planet Four

Mars takes 687 day to complete one revolution in its orbit around the Sun, nearly twice as long as on Earth.  We launched Planet Four on January 8, 2013 and today marks one full Mars year of Planet Four. Happy 1st Mars year birthday to Planet Four!

To celebrate and to thank you for all your contributions to Planet Four since launch, we’ve made a poster using all of your names*


The full poster can be downloaded here (it’s big  – 22 MB download!), and a smaller resolution version (2 MB download) can be found here. You can find the original  image used to make the poster here.  It’s a subimage made by the HiRISE team from this newly released Inca City Season 5 image. We picked this image because of all the activity shown.  Fans and blotches galore! Did you find your name?

Thanks for all your clicks over this Martian year. The science team is working hard on finishing the first paper based on your classifications. We’re almost there, and plan to submit in early 2015. We couldn’t do this without your time and effort.

Help celebrate Planet Four’s first Mars year anniversary by mapping fans and blotches in HiRISE images today at

*Names are only shown for volunteers who gave permission for us to show their name on the Zooniverse account settings. To update your settings login to and update the ‘name’ field.

11 responses to “One Mars Year of Planet Four”

  1. Peter J says :

    Brilliant idea for recognizing members’ contributions! I may have a poster made from the image.

  2. Vice(Ann)Life says :

    Reblogged this on Musings Of The Caffeine Addict and commented:
    I’m glad our Astronomy Dept. encouraged student involvement in this research project.

  3. Lane, Michael says :

    You’ve made me want to do more! Win – Win,
    Thank you Meg and team.

  4. Mike Holden says : – Page not available.
    Is this the correct page address?

  5. darshan chandekar says :

    my name isnt there in the poster… ;(

    • Meg says :

      Are you sure you’re name isn’t there. There’s a lot of space to cover in the full poster?Have you checked that you allow us to publish a name?



  6. Stephen Hughes - Jones says :

    I can’t remember now whether I gave permission for my name to be used or not, bugger, if I didn’t how do I go about it for any future fan posters?

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