NASA funding for utilizing Planet Four markings

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It is really-really tough to get funding to do research. You have to have an idea to do something really new and important, something that will be interesting and useful. You need to gather a team that can do it. Then you have to write a proposal to explain your idea and to convince other scientists that this project is worth pursuing. And you’ll be competing with other projects for the limited budget pot. It was even tougher than usual this year for planetary research at NASA: only 14% of all submitted projects got funding.

But we did!

A little project that utilizes the data from Planet Four will be funded by NASA so that we can compare directions of winds mapped by our citizen scientists  (via fans, of course!) to the prediction of martian climate models!

This is so very exciting!

We have a great team here and I am convinced this project will be a great success! Thanks NASA and thanks all of our helpers on planet4!


2 responses to “NASA funding for utilizing Planet Four markings”

  1. Bob Ware says :

    Congratulations! Yes it is very hard to obtain funding in these types of requests!

  2. John G Keegan says :

    Good news indeed. Well done everybody !!

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