Goodbye Manhattan, Welcome Back to Ithaca

We’ve been focusing on Manhattan for the past few months, with the aim to finish Season 4 and any remaining images of areas surrounding Manhattan in Season 1. We’ve made a big push in the last few months to finish Manhattan, and thanks to your help, we’ve completed all publicly released seasons of Manhattan.

With four seasons of Manhattan to add to the four seasons of Inca City that you’ve helped classify, we now have a rich dataset to start looking at how  geyser formation evolves over time and how the process of fans and blotch  changes from Mars year to Mars year.

Planet Four is  leaving Manhattan for now, but we’ll be back for Season 5 some time in the future. We’re going back to focus on another target of interest, Ithaca. We started classifying Ithaca Season 1 images last year, and they’re now back on the site for your to map fans and blotches.  You can learn more about Ithaca here. The most telling difference between Ithaca and other areas on Mars’ south pole is the giant fans.

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Dive into Ithaca today at

One response to “Goodbye Manhattan, Welcome Back to Ithaca”

  1. Stuart Hignell says :

    Hi Meg, Health permitting I am already working on “Planet Four” looking for fans, blotches etc. I will, health permitting. continue with “Plane Four” until the it ends and your new system kicks in. I think it only fair to tell you that I have Motor Neurone Disease, also known as “ALS” or Lou Gehrigs Disease (spelling). Once Planet Four ends in it present format I will only be too pleased to continue with the new.
    Best wishes to you and all the team,
    Stuart, aka Countryboy.

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