New Data Live – Giza Season 1

Thanks to your help making the push to classify images of Ithaca Season 1 to make room for new data,  we have mixed in new data live to the remaining Ithaca images we’re showing on the site. We added Season 1 images from a new area of the South Pole nicknamed ‘Giza.’  These images have never been reviewed in such detail before. With your help we can identify and map all the season fans and blotches.

Here’s what  Candy Hansen, principal investigator (PI) of Planet Four had to say about Giza:

Giza is an important region for us to study for several reasons. The study of weather in the polar region benefits by having samples from numerous locations – and Giza is distant enough from the others that you’ve been working on (Manhattan, Inca City, and Ithaca) that we will have another good sample for the atmospheric models. The fans also show an interesting evolution (take a look at this animation) that will help us to understand how particles sink into the ice. We may end up with a better understanding of what causes the bright fans to form. Finally, the channels here are a bit wider than elsewhere – are they older or is the ground more easily eroded?

With your help we are pondering these puzzles! Classify images of Giza at

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