Building the NASA Citizen Science Community Meeting

Greeting from Tucson Arizona. I’m here with Planet Four PI Candy Hansen at the Building the NASA Citizen Science Community Meeting. The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers engaged in successful citizen science projects, citizen science experts and platforms supporting citizen science projects (including representatives from Zooniverse), the NASA Science Mission Directorate, and researchers interested in applying citizen science to their research problems.

I gave an invited talk (my slides are included below) highlighting science results and the success of Planet Four and advertising Planet Four: Terrains and Planet Four: Ridges. It’s exciting that people in the planetary and astronomical community see Planet Four as a successful project. That is in large part due to the contributions of the Planet Four volunteer community.  It was great to talk about Planet Four’s first paper and also mention the science team is working on three other publications right now based on the first fan and blotch catalog.



One response to “Building the NASA Citizen Science Community Meeting”

  1. Bob Ware says :

    Hi Meg and Gang,

    Thank you for allowing us to help you all on this awesome project!

    It has been an exciting and educational project to help you all with.
    These images that the media won’t be bothered to share with others is a loss for everyone. I am thrilled when I see these images and equally thrilled to have helped in a small way that allows Mars to be understood!

    My mentality is astronaut pilot, explorer and my main career was in computer network operations. I love space exploration and being able to help in a small way is a great honor and privilege to me! Thank you!

    The Gold Standard you all set and achieved is remarkable! Hopefully the other projects being done can achieve the data Gold Standard you all set as we have done.

    Thank you again for allowing us to help you all! : ) TPS1BCW

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