Planet Four on Planet Three

The Planet Four team has participated in a couple of outreach events over the past few months. We wanted to share the links with you.

Michael, Candy, and myself from the core Planet Four team with Zooniverse Co-PI Laura Trouille were featured on a Live Chat/webinar with the Science Friday team today (Monday April 27) . It was great combo of tea discussion, answering questions from the viewers, and demos. You can find the recorded video on Facebook live;

A few weeks later, I was interviewed on the BBC Sky at Night’s May episode talking about Planet Four and the other projects that make up the Planet Four organization. If you’re living in then UK, the episode is available online for stream in BBC iplayer. It also happened to be the 800th episode of the Sky at Night, and it was also the first episode where all the presenters, Sky at Night crew, and interviewees were all working from home.

In these challenging times, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their contributions to all three Planet Four projects. We appreciate the time, effort, and energy you are contributing.

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