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Zooniverse Talk

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Planet Four: Terrains was launched in June on the Zooniverse’s latest platform and part of that system is a new Zooniverse wide Talk. It’s a place where you can keep up with the latest news across the Zooniverse, interact with people who are counting penguins all the way to transcribing ships logs, and communicate with the Zooniverse team.

Zooniverse Talk also hosts a Daily Zooniverse suggestion board. So if you’ve seen a particularly interesting image on Planet Four or Planet Four: Terrains, can you suggest it for the Daily Zooniverse here. Also there’s a dedicated board for the young adult and middle school/high school age students. You can find the Teen Talk discussion board here.

If you have thoughts about the wider Zooniverse or want to share how awesome you think Planet Four or Planet Four:Terrains is, you can access Zooniverse Talk

Help Feature Planet Four on the Daily Zooniverse

Have you found an intriguing image you’ve classified on Planet Four? Have you come across a stunning fan field or an image with blue frost? Now’s your chance to have it featured on the Daily Zooniverse. The Daily Zooniverse blog  brings something new and different each and every day from across all the Zooniverse, and Grant and the Daily Zoonvierse team are  looking for contributions from volunteers  (including Planet Four’s Mars Explorers) to present.  Just add the hashtag #dailyzoo to an image’s Planet Four Talk page to nominate it. You can learn more here.